Our manufacturing partners produce a wide range of bespoke knitted and woven garments including corporate uniforms and work wear, technical performance garments, high visability, PPE and outerwear.

Cutting edge technology for high performance products 

Our products are at the forefront of technical and design innovations in garment manufacture. In house fabric development enables us to produce cutting edge fabrics which supply technical sportswear, lifestyle clothing and corporate work wear to meet the demands of contemporary lifestyles and industry. 

Product portfolio:

  • Knitted and woven products
  • Nano technology
  • Oil resistant fabric
  • Permanent wicking polyesters
  • Silver ion anti-bacterial
  • Ultra dry duel performance polyesters
  • Specialist high visability fabrics

Responsive manufacturing solutions for streamlined delivery

Our manufacturing capabilities are comprehensive and precise. Our team carefully monitors and controls every process from design and prototyping through to the end-of-line inspection and final packing. Every garment is subject to strict shipment release standards.

We continually review and improve our performance to exceed customers’ expectations.